Nitrous oxide emissions from sugarcane fields in the Brazilian Cerrado

We quantified N2O fluxes from a sugarcane experiment in the Brazilian Cerrado over an entire year, comparing the magnitude of response to different fertilizer treatments: mineral nitrogen (N), a liquid residue from bioethanol distillation known as vinasse (V) and a combination of both (NV), on irrigated and nonirrigated plots. Silva et al. 2017 PDF

Forest soils in France are sequestering substantial amounts of carbon

The aim of this study was to assess whether French forest soils are sources or sinks of carbon and to quantify changes in soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks over time by resampling soil in long-term forest monitoring plots. Jonard, M.; Nicolas, M.; Coomes, D.A.; Caignet, I.; Saenger, A.; Ponette, Q. 2017 PDF

Advances in Microclimate Ecology Arising from Remote Sensing

This paper reviews the use of remote sensing in detecting microclimates in forests. We look into how we could combine remotely sensed data along with data from weather stations to map microclimates in forests in great detail, highlighting some opportunities they provide for ecology, conservation and climate change research. Zellweger, F.; De Frenne, P.; Lenoir, J.; Rocchini D.; CoomesContinue reading “Advances in Microclimate Ecology Arising from Remote Sensing”