Landmark British Ecological Society Report

Our head of group Professor David Coomes led the report’s Woodland Chapter. Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in the UK.“For large-scale tree planting to be effective in capturing carbon, we will need to avoid species-rich grasslands, peat and other organic soils. Our focus should be on areas of low-quality grassland. However, this will reduce the UK’s capacity to produce meat and dairy, meaning a shift in our diets would be needed to avoid importing more of these products and offshoring our carbon footprint elsewhere.” Read more

CEOS biomass protocol has been endorsed

David Coomes was involved in an international team that developed protocols for the production and validation of satellite-based woody aboveground biomass products. The report documents accepted good practices in an open and transparent manner, that is scientifically defensible. It represents the current state of knowledge for satellite biomass remote sensing and includes a summary of current knowledge and data gaps toward operational validation of products at a global scale. Read more

The INTEGRAL Project

Debmita Bandyopadhyay, and David Coomes are part of the INTEGRAL (INdia remoTE imaGeRy AnaLysis) team.  The INTEGRAL project is “an innovative collaboration between people collecting remote sensing data and researchers developing the technology to analyse those remotely gathered images to answer meaningful questions.”

Find more about this project here, including a podcast from members chat about the significant impact these technologies can have on the world.