Former Members


Florian Zellweger

Wang Li

Litong Chen

Ruben Valbuena (2016-2018)  Lecturer at Bangor University, Wales

Liu Jiajia (2016)

Tommaso Jucker (2015-2016): Team leader in CSIRO,  Australia

Michele Dalponte (2015)

Tuomo Valkonen

Xiaohao Cai

Will Simonson: Senior Programme Officer, Climate Change and Biodiversity Team,  UNEP-WCMC

Sabrina Russo (2005-2007)

Raffaele Lafortezza

Georges Kunstler (2003-2005)

Pieter De Frenne

Francisco Rodriguez-Sanchez

Olivier Flores

Rafi Kent

Yue Bin (2015)


Boris Bongalov

Matheus Nunes

Juheon Lee:  Computer Vision Research Scientist at Shapes AI Inc,  California

Beatrice Wedeux:  Forest Policy Officer, WWF Belgium

Rebecca Spriggs:  Civil servant in Whitehall, London

Beccy Wilebore: James Martin Fellow, Long-Term Ecology Lab, University of Oxford

Jessica Fonseca da Silva

Minerva (Jojo) Singh: research fellow,  Imperial College, London

Will Simonson:  Senior Programme Officer, Climate Change and Biodiversity Team,  UNEP-WCMC

Tommaso Jucker: Team leader in CSIRO,  Australia

Andrew Tanentzap: University lecturer, University of Cambridge

Nadia Bystriakova: Researcher with the Natural History Museum,  London

Warren Bentley ( 2004-2008): retired

Laura Spence: Dean of Academics and Faculty member,  Sterling College

David Wright: Senior Research Fellow, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences,  University of Belfast

Robert Holdaway: Returned to family winemaking business in Malborough,  New Zealand (good on yer mate)

Cristian Echeverria (2003):

Jennie Bee (2001-2005):  Medical doctor (GP) in London

Aurora Gaxiola: Faculty,  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Kerry-Lee Jenkins

Gillian Lui


Natalia Vizcaino Palomar

Sean Husheer

Gaia Vaglio Laurin

Rich Kobe

Dan Safka


Jaz Stoddart (2017)

Jonathan Mapelli

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