Resilience of Spanish forests to recent droughts and climate change

Time-series of canopy greenness derived from satellite imagery can be
analysed alongside environmental factors, species composition and
management regimes, to better understand forest resilience to drought.
In Spain, forests are on average greening despite drying trends. This
resilience manifests in the short-term with native species activating
drought tolerance and avoidance mechanisms observable from space (i.e.
losing and gaining little greenness like chestnuts to losing and gaining
a lot of greenness like maritime pines). The non-native eucalypt
dominated forests reveal a low short-term resilience (i.e. do not
recover enough after droughts) and hence have a higher percentage of
declining pixels. Factors such as water balance, elevation, and
protection status greatly influence these drought response patterns.

Khoury S, Coomes DA. (2020) Global Change Biology